Will lifting weights make me bulky?

This myth will not go away. The fear is that if a person starts lifting weight on a regular basis that they will grow large shoulders and bulky biceps within weeks.

This does not happen for the vast majority of people who workout.

The truth is, to get bulky bodybuilder-type muscles you need to put in years of dedication, eat more food than you think is required and have put in a lot of effort to get there.

And for you ladies out there, know that you probably don’t have the testosterone required to get huge.

Simply put – the person who doesn’t want to get bulky will not get bulky. And the person who wants to can with a lot of time and effort.

Our Fitness-style workouts are high intensity with lighter weights. So rather than 200-reps of large dumbbells, our workouts average closer to 30-50 reps at a much lighter weight. Our fast-paced workouts are meant to burn fat and develop long and lean muscles.

Don’t let weights scare you from buying a set of dumbbells.

While you won’t get bulky overnight, there are plenty of benefits for everyone to lift weights including improving body composition, weight loss, preventing osteoporosis, benefitting your mental health and much more!

Pick up some weights and feel strong, empowered and confident!

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