Why More and More People Are Hiring Online Coaches

My wife and I have a 17-month old son who was regressing in his sleep training and giving us a hard time. He was waking up at 4am, napping only when held and/or not going to sleep without a parent holding his hand. We looked through Google for things to do but none of them seemed to work.

We finally hired a sleep consultant (shoutout to Apres The Bump) and after a consultation over the phone we had a coach help us get our son into a regular sleep pattern in about two weeks.

Did our consultant hand us a magic pill or reveal a secret trick? Not really. But she did support us, was available via text when we needed quick answers and guided us through the process way more than answers on Google ever did.

A good coach isn’t one that simply gives you a list of things to do and walks away. They are there for support, guidance and answers for when you need them. The best part about Apres The Bump was that I felt like we were tackling this challenge together.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me, “I know what I should be doing, I just don’t do it,” I’d be super rich. A coach helps you with accountability especially on days when you lack motivation.

Here at Whetstone we aim to give you achievable habits that turn into a healthier lifestyle for you. We meet you wherever you currently are and support you to get to the next level. That may mean moving more, eating more food or taking time to simply breathe.

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