Team Fitness Training

Become Healthier With the Help of a Community!

Why Invest in Team Fitness?

Team Fitness Program is for those looking for group class vibes, but don’t want to commit to a regular scheduled class time. Do these workouts on your schedule at home, at a gym, anywhere! With different workout variations each day it doesn’t matter if you have a full garage gym or are traveling and only have yourself and Mother Earth. We have you covered.


Varied Workouts

A different workout each day with loads of modifications and different formats if you have barbells, dumbbells or no equipment at all.

Coaching Instruction

Each workout has instructional videos detailing the workout, modification/scaling options, goal times and much more

Movement demo videos

Not sure what an exercise is? Each workout has loads of demonstration videos to help clarify what you're doing.

Community Support

You're not alone! Workout when you want and check with our AMAZING supportive community that's doing the workouts too!

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