Quick Dinners for Busy Parents

Parents, I feel your pain. You work all day, pick up your child from daycare and want to spend quality time with them but also have to put together a healthy meal that everyone can enjoy.

And it can’t be too extravagant because it’s bath night and the little one likes to take their time in the water.

The dinners I use to make before having a toddler running around the house were different than my current meals. I had more time back then. I could have a recipe open on my tablet while listening to a podcast and cooking. Now I have to do something quickly before my son decides to flip the dog’s water bowl again.

Here are a few staples in our household for quick and healthy meals.

Steamable vegetables

Lifesavers! You’re telling me that I can have healthy vegetables ready in 5-minutes and I don’t have to keep my eyes on it?! Just throw it in and walk away? Sign me up every time.

Microwaveable Rice

A good starchy carbs can hold the meal together. We use Uncle Ben’s Rice and it takes 90-seconds to cook. We use them for rice bowls or sides to the main dish.

Frozen Vegetables

Pictsweet has an assortment of options that you can roast in the oven. Another great option to throw something in the oven and go back to playing with the little one. You’ll find microwaveable options in the frozen section as well.

Premixed Seasonings

I use to throw together my own combination of seasonings for BBQ or lemon pepper, but I don’t have time for that anymore. I’ll just let the good folks of McCormick do it for me. Sprinkle some on some chicken thighs, throw them in the oven and you have some delicious food waiting for you.

Sheet Pan Dinners!

With the recipe at your fingertips or creative mind you can throw protein and vegetables on a sheet pan and throw it all in the oven at once! Frozen fajita veggies, chicken breast and then Uncle Bens rice gives you a delicious fajita bowl

There’s no crime in the quick dinner. Sure, everything could be fresher but we know the feeling when this is the best we have at the moment. You won’t beat Bobby Flay with any of these ideas but you will deliver a good meal to the family.

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