Losing Weight Without Measuring Your Food

Weighing and measuring your food is a way for you to know exactly how many calories or how many macronutrients you’re putting into your body. It is a great way to get healthier and understand exactly how much your body needs on a daily basis.

Not everyone has time to weigh each food item or input it into an app for the most accurate reading.

I want to share with you my 3-step process to every lunch and dinner to eating delicious foods that I like and still lose weight (or in some cases maintain).

Fill your plate with half leafy vegetables

Half my lunch and dinner plates are non-starchy vegetables. Peppers, leafy greens, onions, celery, etc. A quarter of my plate is also lean protein like chicken or seafood while the remaining quarter is starchy carbs. I still enjoy bread or cheese sticks in that last quarter which means I still get to have some of my favorites without overdoing it.

Eat slowly

Our brains are often 15-minutes behind our stomachs which means we’ll get full before knowing it. This leads to overeating and overstuffing ourselves if we never put the fork down or never take a break for a drink of water. Start a timer, eat your food, chew it and take your time.

Eat your veggies first, protein second, starchy carbs last

If you’re having a salad, center-cut sirloin and mashed potatoes then I want you to eat them in that order. Also remember step two, take your time eating. Often, I’ll find myself eat all of my vegetables and protein and realize I’m full – I don’t have room for the mashed potatoes. Which means I got full on a lot of the lower calorie items and didn’t overdo the higher calorie items.

I use a tracking app to make sure I’m doing this about 80% of the time. Sure I take a night off for pizza once a week, but by consistently doing this 6-out-of-7 days I’ve built a great habit of simply eating a lot of nutritious foods and still enjoying other foods in good moderation.

And all of that is without a scale or measuring cup to tell me I’ve had enough. This system works for me no matter if I’m at home, out at a restaurant or on travel.

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