How to Start Your Home Gym for Under $300

Working out at home has become a great option for the busy adult. You don’t know when your child is going to nap or when you’ll be able to get home from work so the flexibility of an at-home gym is very valuable.

But that doesn’t mean your at-home gym has to be very costly.

Before I jump into a list of items you should look into its important to note that you can get very fit without any equipment. However, the more equipment at your disposal allows you to mix up the workouts and therefore make it more fun for you. Nobody wants to do air squats every day, so mixing it up keeps it fresh and better for everyone.

I went through and made a list (without adding taxes or shipping) of items I’d want to have a general range of fitness. I was able to put together a good list that will allow me to work on my gymnastics, weightlifting and overall fitness any day I choose.


You could spend a pretty penny on a barbell and plates, but if you’re looking to save some cash or you don’t have the space for a barbell, dumbbells are the way to go. If you’re just starting out then a pair of 35lbs for men and 25lbs for ladies would be great. Experienced Fitnesster? Go and grab those 50lbs or 35lbs for men and women respectively.

With just a pair of dumbbells you now have weight to squat, press, lift, pull, and swing. Some would argue these take more time to master than your standard barbell.

If you have some extra cash, getting a pair to warm up with or use to scale down to would be a great idea.

These items are hard to find in stock, so a search on Facebook Marketplace may help you grab these items.

50lbs – $142lbs
35lbs – $99
25lbs – $71

Mounted Pull-Up Bar

P-4 Pullup Bracket

Pull-ups are a great way to train the upper body. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many ways to mimic this movement without a pull-up bar. Some bent over rows will help, but nothing quite replaces the mounted pull-up bar.

With a mounted bar in place for strict pull-ups, gymnastic pull-ups, holds and hangs, your upper body will thank you before you know it.

The Rogue P4 Pull-Up system is a great wall-mounted bar that will allow you to kip as well. You can hang gymnastic rings from them for low ring muscle ups and ring dips too.

P4 Pull-Up Bar – $145

Jump Rope

Even if it’s raining outside you can get your heart rate up with this simple piece of equipment. The jump rope is great for coordination, endurance, speed, and much more. Shoulder stability, core work, and lower body explosiveness are just some benefits of mastering an item you were introduced to in elementary school.

This is also a great piece since it’s easy to store, lightweight and can be used in place of running whenever the weather gets bad.

Speed Rope – $28

The more you can add to this list the better, but you don’t need a $5,000 garage gym to be fit. With these items along with bodyweight exercises you’ll have enough at your disposal to become healthier and fitter.

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