Create a Healthier Lifestyle ONE Step at a Time

“I’m not going to eat any sugar, drink any alcohol, smoke any cigarettes, and I will sleep 8-hours every night!”

I wouldn’t argue that those aren’t good goals. The problem that 95% of people run into is that it’s too much at one time. Creating new habits and turning them into a healthy lifestyle takes patience and time. Too often I hear someone biting off more than they can chew and their New Year’s Resolution is over by week three.

We start with a goal and we usually know how to get there. If you want to lose weight you know that the nightly ice cream, snacking on Reese’s and not exercising is in the way of that. What do you do? You decide that, “starting Monday I will never have ice cream or chocolate and I’ll workout 7-days a week!”

Whoa…slow down.

In order to make real change, you want to focus on one habit at a time. More than 80% of people who change just one habit are successful and retain that habit over a year. That number changes to less than 35% when you try and change just 2 habits and less than 5% when you change 3 or more!

Only once you’ve mastered a habit should you add on something else.

Less ice cream, chocolate and working out? Let’s start with ice cream just once a week. Save it for a special day. After weeks of accomplishing that then you can add on something else.

The person who tackles too much at once tend to feel overwhelmed. Once that happens they not only stop their resolution but fall off of it until next year.

Focusing on one thing at a time has a high success rate. You have the rest of your life to create a healthy lifestyle. Don’t try to fix everything overnight.

Our online coaching programs, both fitness and nutrition, are designed to help you do exactly this – change your lifestyle one habit at a time. This way you’re not only going to see results, but keep them. And who wouldn’t want to lose fat forever? Our consultation calls are free. Simply click the link below to schedule yours today!

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