Adding Activity to your Daily Routine

A healthy routine is something that benefits your mind and body. We understand that daily activity helps both. Whether you’re running, lifting weights or walking the dog all of these things help promote a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re currently sedentary or find it difficult to get moving then adding an activity may seem impossible. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to find something that leaves you soaked in sweat and on the ground. Nor do you have to spend 3-hours a day at the gym. Adding some activity and doing it consistently is the priority.

30-minutes a day is all that it takes to start a healthier lifestyle. That doesn’t mean you have to lift heavy weights or go to a boot camp class every day. Instead, think about daily walks, incorporating a swim or sport on the weekends, or riding a bike.

That’s not to say you can’t do squats or use some dumbbells in your living room either. There are tons of options of how to fill those 30-minutes each day.

Start slowly. 30-minutes every other day for example. Pick an easy activity that you enjoy. Maybe you listen to a podcast while walking around your neighborhood. After building a routine for a couple weeks consider adding more days or extending the activity for longer.

Be sure to grab a friend or spouse! Fitness is more fun with friends 🙂

Here’s a checklist of things to do to add activity to your day:

1. Figure out the most convenient time to do it. First thing in the morning? Right after lunch or after work?

2. Find the activity you’ll enjoy and won’t feel like a huge chore. Walking, jogging, sports or strength training are all good options.

3. Schedule it on your calendar. Don’t let any meetings or other appointments stop you from moving.

4. Set up reminders and start keeping track of how many days in a row you do. Consistency is key. Can you hit 30-days of not missing a scheduled workout?

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