3 Reasons Diets Don’t Work

Did you know that ⅔ of people will regain more weight than they lost? This usually happens because they are following a diet instead of building a solid foundation on healthy habits. 

The average person tries 8 diets before seeking a professional — they have made all of these mistakes! 

Here are three reasons why your diet is failing you. 

1. Too restrictive — if I tell you that you can’t have something, your mind naturally goes to how can I get it. 

2. Inconsistency — we often hear, I follow the 80/20 rule. The thing is — being super restrictive then “letting it rip” on the weekends is not 80/20. To move the needle forward, you must be consistently implementing healthy habits. 

3. You aren’t eating enough! When you don’t eat enough, you slow down your metabolism. 

If you are thinking, “I’m making one of these mistakes!”, we have all been there! I HEAR you! 

I remember a time that I put so much pressure on myself to look a certain way. I literally made all of these mistakes. 
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